Fear of Flying Tips
Overcome Your Fear of Flying
We Can Choose
NOT to Be Afraid!


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Calming the Racing Mind 



Some people feel that they can relax their muscles very well, but that their minds continue to just race on.  



Here are some good techniques to use if your mind races: 



Relax your body completely. 

Take in 4 deep breaths, repeating “4” to yourself as you exhale. 

Then take 3 deep breaths, repeating “3 when you exhale. 

Now take 2 deep breaths, repeating “2” when you exhale. 

Finally, take 1 deep breath, repeating “1” as you exhale. 



At the same time, focus your mind on a pleasant image.  Imagine that you are a passive observer of something very relaxing where there is repetitive motion.   


Example:  relaxing on the beach, watching the waves go back and forth or just lying in the grass and watching as the clouds move by overhead. 


Finally, now you want to cause your mind to go completely blank.  As you are focusing on this repetitive movement, begin to envision a blank form.  Just like you are standing on the edge of an abyss where there is no form and all is void. 


Focus on the void and remain there as you continue to relax deeper and deeper.  Hold this as long as you can.  




Instant De-Stressing Skill 


When you practice repeat relaxation skills over time, you develop a very practical skill for both mind and body for de-stressing yourself on command.  


Practice this quick relaxation procedure whenever you feel yourself becoming tense.  


This procedure involves taking 5 long and slow breaths as you notice the tension and relax your body.  


To begin, stretch out your arms and legs, fingers and toes, very slowly.  


Take a slow and deliberate yawn.  


First Breath. Take in a long and slow breath and count to six. Breathe deeply into your stomach, while holding your breath for a few seconds. Now let the air flow out slowly and as you do, relax. 


Second Breath. As you inhale another long, slow breath, concentrate on the muscles in your scalp, forehead, eyes, mouth and face. Notice the tension being held there...now relax these areas as you exhale slowly, giving in to quite and relaxation.  


Third Breath. Now take in a long, slow breath and concentrate on the muscles in your neck and shoulders. Release this tension in your muscles as you exhale slowly. Experience deep relaxation. 


Fourth Breath. Take in a long, slow breath and concentrate on the tension in the muscles of your chest and abdomen. Relax these muscles as you exhale and experience the relaxation. 


Fifth Breath.  Take in your final long, slow breath and pay attention to the muscular tension left anywhere in your body. Hold that breath for a few seconds, and then as you exhale slowly feel that deep sense of total relaxation.  


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